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It turns out that Ivanov, when developing The Cold War Generator worked in his university laboratory...

He carried all his experiments and took notes of every step he made while going through the trial and error process.

However, these notes got lost in his lab and were never found...

All that until one of his heirs showed up with the notebook that contained the brilliant inventor's detailed descriptions and sketches.

Initially, it was thought they were only incomplete designs of strange devices. Still, when a team of scientists got a hold of them, they reached the fantastic conclusion that Alexander set the bases for 3 more generators. Yet, for some reason, those weren't the answers for his father...

Even more, they discovered Ivanov developed the fundamentals for another 3 devices that had the potential to generate insane amounts of energy...

After carefully analyzing each and every design and sketch, using nowadays's technology, the experts concluded that all 6 were feasible, so they started working on them.

When putting each one to test, they were all amazed how much energy they could create and took it one step further...

Using some witty adjustments and common materials, they made the designs so brilliantly easy, anyone can build them.

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These Are The 6 Free Energy Devices!

1.The  Gravity Generator

2.The Fuelless Motor

3.The Magnet Generator

4.The Permanent Magnet Motor

5.The Free Electricity Generator

6.The Earth Generator

Each and every one of these crazy inventions can generate unimaginable amounts of energy, and it can do it fast! By the end of this year you can pocket thousands of dollars... Dollars that would have filled the Electric Shark's fat accounts...

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