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  • COLLECT THE WIND POWER FOR COLD WAR GENERATOR - Give your generator the extra muscle for feeding back into the greed more energy than ever. A simple 3 blade propeller to add to the generator to boost up the spins of the generator.
  • PEDAL POWER FOR COLD WAR GENERATOR - Extra spins from the most efficient machine ever known to mankind: the human body. In times of great tragedy, or on a daily basis, the human body can generate up to 200 - 300 watts (athletes can go up to 2000). Why not harness this energy and earn extra bucks from it?
  • HIGH PRESSURE FOR COLD WAR GENERATOR - the air we breathe is one of the most simple, yet overlooked solutions for producing free energy. Find out how to turbo charge the Cold War Generator by using nature's most indispensable element.
  • COLLECT THE WATER ENERGY FOR THE COLD WAR GENERATOR - another innovative step by step instruction manual to harness the power of water and transform it into more twists for the Cold War Generator. Build this simple but unique complementary attachment and power up your device.

Get the Most Out of Your Cold War Generator from Day One

  • Save even more money
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  • Help people in your community when TSHTF
  • This program is 100% safe—I took out all the modifications that present a risk
  • No need to search for expensive parts; use simple ones you already own

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Jenny N. from Mississippi

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